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Let’s cut to the chase yesterday I came to the realization that I am alive… but I am not living.

After losing three very close people to me this year.. It finally sank in that life is short and despite my responsibilities and daily chores… I need to find time to live.. Or at least live in the moment.. How do I do that..? That is the question that I am still trying to figure the answer to..

Maybe enjoy everything that I do in my day? Enjoy the time with my adorable kids which I already do but maybe put in more effort in it and truly cherish those moments. People are here today.. gone tomorrow.. that is the lesson I have been taught this year… I need to appreciate the people in my life and most importantly.. MAKE time for them. Even if I don’t have the time.. I promise myself to find the time and pick up the phone and ask how they are doing and wait for their answer.

There’s always a lesson to be learnt as life passes us by.. and value and appreciate the people I know and care about is my biggest lesson, challenge and blessing. Will that make me feel like I am living? Maybe.. 

Until next time.. I have a very important phone call to make.. Actually make that a few!!


Ish xoxo